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How to Set Up My Own Web Pages Directory

This guide briefly explains how to set up your directories on CLAMV so that the files are visible through a web browser.

Note that the clabsql machine might change - the TAs will inform you.

Follow these steps:

  • Connect to clabsql.clamv.jacobs-university.de through ssh or PuTTY. If you are unsure how to use these, please contact the TAs for further info.

  • Once you are logged into clabsql, run the following commands (you should not type in the "$ " part):
      $ mkdir ~/public_html
      $ chmod o+x ~
      $ chmod o+rx ~/public_html
  • That's it. Now, anything you put in your public_html directory will be visible at http://clabsql.clamv.jacobs-university.de/~username/, where username is your own user name.

You will put your HTML and other files into this public_html directory during the project work. It is perfectly possible (and actually recommended) to structure the file set into subdirectories; your internal links, then, can use relative paths to the target files.

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