Data independence
  • clean separation of logical and physical level
Conceptual model
  • based on RasDaMan Array Algebra
  • RasDL for n-D array definition
  • RasQL with declarative n-D array operators
APIs and tools
  • RasLib C++ API
  • RasDL data definition processor
  • rView graphical frontend
    • queries on n-D databases
    • display of 1-D to 3-D query result sets
Standards adherence
  • RasQL embedded in SQL92
  • RasLib API conformant with ODMG 2.0
Client/server architecture
  • server-based query evaluation
  • algebraic query optimization
  • specialized storage manager
    • arbitrary tiling, spatial index, compres
  • interoperates with relational and object-oriented DBMSs
  • several Unix variants (c/s), Windows NT (c)
In part funded by European Commission
  • grant no. 20073
  • partners: Hospital General de Manresa (Spain), Spanish National Geographic Institute, et al.
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