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Instructions for accessing the rasdaman database

  • download rasql32
  • download this archive
  • extract directory bin/ saying
    tar xvfz rasdaman-bin.tgz
  • run the rview visual database client saying
    PS: prefer command line? then you may as well use the rasql command line interpreter:
    rasdaman-bin/bin/rasql -q "select ... from ..." --server --out file
  • any issues in doing so: ask your TA

  • solve the problem sheet; if needed you may look into the rasdaman query language guide
  • type your answers into an email, send it to the TA until the official end of the course unit, ie: 17:00! (email sending date counts)
  • fill in the questionnaire and submit it to the TA until today midnight
    (as discussed, responding to all questions is a mandatory prerequisite for getting points on the problem sheet; however, the contents of the answers does in no way affect grades, and it will be kept confidential and used only in a completely anonymized way)

Best success, have fun!

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